Friday, August 13, 2021

Walerian Borowczyk / Chris Marker / Andrzej Markowski - Les astronautes (1959)


Posted before as a secondary video, but deserves a spotlight in its own right - as much for the score (Andrzej Markowski) as the visuals. It's one of the most enjoyable stretches of musique concrete / radiophonics I've heard. 

Kazimierz UrbaƄski's Igraski (1962) is another great Markowski score / sound-effects montage 

This also

Sound effects on these 

Scores + FX done for many more films - this one looks amusing (the story of a racing driver who has so many transplants it can no longer be determined which people have contributed to his make-up - from a Stanislaw Lem story) 

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Jacques Lejeune - Le Cantique des Cantiques (1992)

Another musique concrete composer who also worked with animation and video. 

Check out his audiovisual uuuuurv

His pure audio stuff is magic