Thursday, February 13, 2020

Zbigniew Rybczyński - Zupa, 1975

"Made in 1974...  Zupa (Soup) utilizes an optical printer to overlay bold colors on surrealistic imagery. Its look and structure are somewhat uncharacteristic of Zbig, but his thematic hand shows in a number of repeated gestures: a man reaching over in bed to touch his wife’s breast, a hand lighting a cigarette, a woman pulling up and unrolling her stocking. Everything is culled from live-action sources, but Zupa’s collage style and bold, dark colors make it clearly read as an animated film. Rybczynski utilized similar deep tinting in Swieto, another of his early experimental films.... "
---- Teddy Blanks, from "Zbigniew Rybczyński: The Reluctant Animator", published at Not Coming

I knew the name rung a bell...  Rybczyński intersects with my world because he made this great promo for Art of Noise...

Zbig also made this...

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