Sunday, February 21, 2021

Magiczny Świat Ani (Magical World of Ania) (2017)

"The eerie storyline revolves around the disappearance of a beautiful young Polish woman named Ania Slowinska and the dark, seemingly supernatural forces behind it. As the tale unfolds it becomes apparent other women have fallen victim to the same forces, with one having had all her teeth removed after being murdered. Among the many suspects and supporting characters in the drama are Ania’s mother Kristina, who seems to be morbidly enjoying the attention her daughter’s disappearance has brought her. Others include Ania’s birth-father – whom she never knew – plus her step-father, an infatuated stalker, a jealous female friend and a faith healer with a very strange band of disciples. Organs and limbs seem to be stolen for transplant use and replaced with porcelain or papier mache substitutes. This practice extends even to the heads of the victims … sometimes while they’re still alive."- Glitternight

Magiczny Świat Ani channel here but for your convenience, the whole remainder of the series presented below in sequences: 

This perpetrator is surely the same Polish man (Wiktor Stribog) behind Kraina Grzybów / Mushroomland TV aka Poradnik Uśmiechu / Smile Guide 

The subject of the next post... 

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