Friday, November 12, 2021

Scott Bartlett - OffOn (1968)


"To shoot this masterpiece — the most beholden to San Francisco’s psychedelic subculture in this series — Bartlett and some pals took film loops and liquid light-show projections designed for hippie concert halls and ran it through TV gear, creating the first experimental marriage of video and film. To add that artisan touch, he hand-dyed the film strips with food coloring. A close-up plunge into a cosmic eye opens into a nine-minute smorgasbord of analog cybernetica, whose loop-de-loop of form and emptiness culminates in spooky insectoid squiggles and hyperkinetic Roschach blots. 

"The edgy electronic soundtrack, crafted by Manny Meyer on a Buchla 100, is equally far-out."

- TechGnostic guru-not-guru Erik Davis, first installment of  a series called Distended Animations - on experimental animation and trip films, mostly out of the West Coast -  he's doing for HILOBROW

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