Sunday, March 1, 2020

Ronald Pellegrino - The Space Beyond: Videospace

"In 1971, early in my video studies, I had the good fortune to meet Brice Howard, a TV producer from NYC who hustled some large grants, created, and directed The National Center For Experiments In Television at KQED in San Francisco.  He was philosophically inclined so we had some long conversations about the nature and practice of experimental video, a blooming love of mine.  At the time I was directing the Electronic Arts Studios at Oberlin College so I arranged for Brice to visit the campus for a week to present a series of lecture-demonstrations on experimental video.  Shortly after that visit I got a research grant to run some of my own experiments at the National Center For Experiments In Television mainly to explore video composition matters Brice and I had discussed at length, especially the video space that's unseen, the space that exists beyond the borders of monitors.  Though it may be unseen it's possible to imagine it, to imply it, and to compose it in ways that are suggested by what you see on the monitor as the imagery flies in from all edges of the monitor.  In a nutshell this is piece about objects flying into the screen from the wings.  Once again the sound is generated simultaneously with the imagery by a single algorithm, the focus of the composition." - Ronald Pellegrino

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